Teachers Desk Easel Card Photos and Tutorial




Showing appreciation for another person is sometimes the very fuel that keeps that person going, and teachers are no exception. Showing thanks is also a very important part of teaching a child to appreciate and recognize what others do in this world.



Cut out all your pieces and group parts to make assembly easier
Optional: Ink edges to add dimension.
Assemble the individual parts like the desk and desk top, flower pot, stack of papers etc. This is also a good time to add any stamped or handwritten sentiments.


Fold base of card in half. Fold in half again on the upper half as shown. This creates the easel.


Flip card over and lay flat. Apply glue only to the bottom half of easel as shown and then add card front. Line up the edges.
This is how the easel card will look after attaching the card front to the folded base. Fold card closed so you can work on the front. The first pieces added should be the white projector screen and the teachers chair.

Next, add the desk and the greeting.
Finish arranging and adding the other parts of the card front. This will be the banner, books, apple papers and pot of flowers.
It’s recommended that you add pop dots to the greeting layer that goes on the inside of the card so that it helps hold the card open when displayed. You can see how it creates a bit of a raised edge in the photo below…


The Teachers Desk Easel card will fold flat for mailing and for tucking into an envelope. When open it displays nicely on any flat surface.


See thisother blog postshowing another version of theTeachers Deskalong with another cute teacher card that has lots of cool school stuff.



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