Tutorial for Jam Jar and Candle Gift Wraps

Add a touch of class to your gifts in a jar, candles, candies and more with the Jam Jar and Candle Gift Wraps.

A small box holds the jars and candles securely and then the front and back fold up to create a carry handle. Lots of room to decorate with your choice of embellishments or use the tags, bows and flowers provided.


 Click to view the full tutorial.


Step 1. When starting this project have all of your pieces cut and laid out.

Step 2 and Step 3

Step 2. Attach the long panels to the front and back sides of the box. Do not to cover the small slot at the top where you will be inserting the tab. Instead, line your panel up right underneath it very very close.

Step 3. The smaller size boxes have the sides and bottom all in one long piece. On this tutorial we are showing how to assemble the larger boxes which come in three pieces. So this is where we attached the sides to the bottom piece. Apply glue to the tabs as shown and then simply attach.

Be sure to keep these sides and the bottom all lined up in a straight line. I sometimes use my mat guidelines to be sure I keep the 3 pieces in a straight line since it’s such a long piece.




 Step 4. Apply glue to the 4 corner tabs and then adhere to the inside of the box has shown forming the box shape. 

When corners are dry and secure fold the next part of sides down into sides of the box. This creates a very strong and durable carrier. The long square section on the right side in the middle photo is actually the inside bottom. Again it’s meant to add durability and strength to your carrier.

Step 5. Add the inner box liner. Then attach the side panels around the edges.

Step 6. Now that the box is done you will want to glue it to the carrier as shown. Glue only the bottom, not the sides. Simply spread your glue either on the box bottom itself or on the carrier as shown and attach the Box. 

Step 7. To close the box bring the handles up together, push the tab from the front to the back of the box and insert it into the slot.

Circle tops are provided in the cutting files so you can add a coordinating lid to your mason canning jars if you like. Unless of course you are using these for candles. 🙂


Add your personal touch with embellishments, flowers, tags, ribbons or bling to dress up your box.


Now you’re already to add your gift. Enjoy.


 Jam Jars and Candle Gift Wraps



We also have special gift wraps for the K-Cups…


K-Cup 4 pack Gift Holder
K-Cup 2 pack Gift Holder


It’s so nice to be able to take a simple little gift like K-Cups, a jar of jam or a little candle and give a very special presentation. If you have other ideas for using these let us know in the comments. Or maybe you are looking for a design to fill a particular need. We’re always happy to hear your suggestions. 🙂 ~ Valerie



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