This is my Happy Place.

Happy March Everyone!  This is Jill Cornelius again, and I’m excited to share with you another project that I created for My Scrap Chick! Have you ever made a project for yourself that you just LOVE? Of course you have (and so have I!) …but you know what….I absolutely LOVE this project that I created for My Scrap Chick! I usually don’t make projects for myself…but you know what?  I think I’m going to keep this one! Because….THIS is my Happy Place!  And I have the PERFECT place to hang this! My Scrapbook Room!

Isn’t it pretty! The entire project is made with only THREE different SVG files from My Scrap Chick.  The Pop Up Frames from My Scrap Chick include everything you need to create a Pop Up Frame.  Even an easel for the back.  My Frame actually has a LOT of pop dots between the layers so that each layer is truly set apart from the one underneath it. Also, Since I wanted the top three layers of my frame to be truly set apart from the base, I added a few layers of chipboard strips that are hidden around the frame on the underside.  This allowed me to add the gemstones and the Wordart to the frame and give it more of a Shadowbox feel. I’ll have a direct link to each SVG File at My Scrap Chick down below so that you can add them to your shopping cart easier!  But first, here are some up close photos! Each flower consists of six layers, two of each petal size. They are super easy to cut out, ink and then stack.  I added a little bit of Diamond Glaze to the back of each to make them a little bit “stiffer” to mold.  For the centers of each flower, the SVG files also contain a “dot” that resizes to fit your flower.  The larger you make the flower, the larger the center is cut out.  That’s what I LOVE about SVG files…enlarge one part and it enlarges them all!  No guessing!  For my flowers I chose to use Black Stickles for the larger Bright Pink Flowers, and paper or the Smaller Light Pink Blossoms. 

The saying, “This is my Happy Place” just fits for my scrapbook room!  It most definitely IS my happy place…especially when it’s clean, which isn’t always the case. But even when it’s messy I’m still happy.  This is the ONE room in the house that just makes everything all better! 

Here’s another up close photo of the flowers.  For these I only layered four of the six petal layers because I wanted them to be smaller “blossoms”. 

GOOD!  You’ve made it this far! As promised!  Here are the direct links to each of the files that I used from My Scrap Chick


Graceful Scrolls




This is my Happy Place

I hope you enjoyed my project! Come by my own personal blog (Brought to you by the Letter Jif you have a chance…you never know when i’ll be posting additional projects.  

And here’s a hint for my next project….it’s square, and it’s green….and it has bears!  

See you soon!




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