Sunflowers, Bumble Bees and Fall Florals


Every summer my neighbors grow these wild and beautiful sunflowers along our shared fence. I get to enjoy all these big colorful blooms all summer long without lifting a finger nor a shovel. But even so, they did inspire me to work on new Sunflower designs for paper crafting.




As I was working on the designs for the new cutting files I would step out into the back yard every now and then just to view the sunflowers. Then one afternoon I suddenly realized they were swarming with little honey bees.  Lots and lots of them. Well of course! If you have sunflowers, you will also have bees. (Hopefully!) So of course, I had to add some little Bumble Bees to my sunflowers too.

 Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle…

The new fall set includes a 3D Sunflower made using rosettes and pop dotted layers for the seed pod. You can see the rosette construction in the Sunflower Tutorial. This finished sunflower measures just over 5″ wide.


The bloom for the Giant Sunflower in the upper right is a different set of files (so it can be super sized) but uses the same rosette idea and construction steps. It’s about 10″ across. Perfect for hanging in your front door.


This bundle also includes the Sunflower A2 shape card and the 2 Bumble Bees.



Scrappy Sam Designs A2 Sunflower Shape Card


Shirley on our design team didn’t waste a single moment and created the A2 shape card above and then the beautiful fall arrangement below using the 3D Sunflowers and tucking them in with her other fall florals.


Paper Sunflowers Created by Shirley atScrappy Sam Designs


Shirley will be sharing the full photos on her blog so be sure to pay her a visit. You will love the full on view of this fall beauty.

Thank you, Shirley!

Check the tutorial for the Sunflowers and then pick up the Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle.





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