Sunflower Tutorial for 3D Sunflower Rosettes.

Who doesn’t love Sunflowers? See how easy it is to put together these beautiful paper blossoms using our rosette technique in the following tutorial for the 3D Sunflower Rosettes.



From the Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle at MyScrapChick
Step 1. Cut all pieces for your Sunflower.
Step 2. Add shading to bottom of sunflower petals using a color markers. I brushed on a combination of Powder Pink and Canary Yellow Copic markers.
Step 3. Fold along rosette score lines. NOTE: One rosette will have center of petals in a valley fold and the other in a mountain fold. See photo.


This is done so that when the petals are lined up in step 6 the petals in back will end up in between the ones in front.

Step 4. Glue each rosette closed. You will have 2 closed rosettes.
Step 5. Place the rosette with the “valley folds” inside the one with the “mountain folds.”


Step 6. Line up the fold lines and holes of the 2 rosettes.


Step 6. Cut a length or string and thread onto a blunt end darning needle.
Step 7. Thread string thru the holes.
Step 8. When fully threaded cut string from darning needle.
Step 9. Tie a single knot and gently begin to pull ends of strings to close the rosette.
Step 10.  As you pull the string tighter the rosette closes. Snug up the  single knot and then tie another double knot.
Step 11. Cut string.
Step 12. Use your fingers to pinch and curl ends of petals for a more natural look. Do this on both the top and bottom sets of petals.

Adding the “Sepal” back of sunflower.

Step 13. Ink the edges if desired. Add glue along one side of the tab as shown.
Step 14. Fold closed. This will form a slight cone shape.
Step 15. I like to avoid the glue gun when possible but prefer it for this step just to add security so the flower can tolerate a lot of handling.  Add a large puddle of hot glue to the inside of the cone…
Step 16. …then press the back of the sunflower into it.


The cone in back allows the sunflower to take on a more natural shape when being viewed from different angles instead of being flat.

Step 17. Use a dab from the glue gun again to the end of a cloth stem wire (available at Joann) and insert into base of sunflower.


 Layering Seed Pod and Attaching to Sunflower.

Step 18. Use an ink pad to ink along all the edges.
Step 19. Add pop dots to the 3 larger circle layers.
TIP: Use the broad tip of a brown marker to color the edges of pop dots. This makes them discreet and almost disappear when viewing the flower from the side.
Step 20. Add pop dotted layers to the base and then continue adding the smaller top layers using glue.
I like to make the flowers secure so came up with this method for attaching the seed pod to the flower base. I cut 3 random circles from a piece of scrap cardboard for this next step….
Step 21. Stack and glue the circles of cardboard.
Step 22. Add globs of hot glue to the cardboard. Attach to flower by flipping it so the smallest circle of cardboard is underneath and cradled down into the center of the flower.
Step 23. Now you can glue the seed pod to the center of flower.

Shaping and Inking the Leaves

Step 24. Fold along score lines of leaves.
Step 25. Ink along edges of leaves and scorelines to define veins…
Step 25. Wind and twist cloth stem of sunflower and leaf together.





The Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle includes the svg files for the flowers shown above plus 2 bees, an A2 Sunflower shape card and a GIANT sunflower rosette to hang on your front door or anywhere you want a wow flower!





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