Scaring Up Some Halloween Treat Boxes


We went happy haunting for some past Halloween treat boxes from our design team member Sue. It’s almost spooky how many treat boxes she has whipped out for her trick or treaters. She loves to share them with family, friends and co-workers. Here’s part of her line up of creations. Hope you enjoy and find loads of inspiration.




Boo To You Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product:Ghost Halloween Treat Box

I Vant A Bite of Candy Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product:Dracula Treat Box

Keep the Candy Under Your Hat Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product: Witches Hat Treat Box
Frankly, I have a Sweet Tooth Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product:Franky Halloween Treat Box
Hey Pumpkin! Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product:Pumpkin Treat Box
Fright Night with Dracula Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product: Dracula Treat Belly Box
Goblin Greetings Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product:Spooky Frankenstein Treat Box
Under Your Spell Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product: Mad Scientist Treat Belly Box
Belly Box and Candy Corn Sue’s Stamping Stuff Product: Pumpkin Belly Box andCandy Corn


You will find loads of ideas and some fun reading on Sue’s blog.Sue’s Stamping Stuff.


Thank you Sue!



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