Popular Cards for Teachers

We all like to know that we are appreciated from time to time. Especially when we put our heart and soul into what we are doing. Big expensive gifts are nice too, but often a heartfelt card that shows you took the time and effort to express your thanks is even better. We have 2 cards that are really popular for those special teachers in your child’s life. TheSchool Paper Easel Cardand TheTeacher’s Desk Easel Card. School Paper Easel Card         The fun thing with these easel cards is they display beautifully on a shelf and are a perfect fit to a classroom decor. But it’s when you add your personal note of thanks on the base that it becomes a treasured keepsake for the teacher. Teachers Desk Easel Card



In your note you might want to add specific memories or special help that the teacher provided. If you child looked forward to school everyday, saw great improvement in a particular area, those are nice things to include also.  TheSchool Paper Easel Card  TheTeacher’s Desk Easel Card





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