Photo Tutorial for the Comfy Chair Easel Card.

Use the product photo as a guide when selecting your choice of papers for individual parts of the chair. To see some inspiration for colors and prints here are some photos of this chair done by our Design Team.

1. Cut out all your pieces.


2. Add the cushion, skirt, back and arm layers to the front of card backing.


3. Add the top skirt to the front.


4. Add all the trim/piping pieces.

5. Add the Chair doily.

6. Assemble the bear. Use a fine point pen to add eyes.

7. Attach the bear and throw pillow to the chair.

8. Assemble inside tag layers. If you decide to use one of the printable tags included with this set, you will find those in the PDF. Otherwise you can use your own rubber stamped greeting or handwritten note. Use a pop-dot to add some height to the tag layers because this is what holds the card upright when opened.

9. Score along lines of card base. Apply glue ONLY to the front bottom half as shown.

10. Attach the finished Chair to the front of the card carefully lining up along the side and bottom edges of card backing.

11. Look of card when completed and fully closed for mailing. Card will lay flat.



12. When card is opened, the bottom of the chair skirt will rest behind the tag layers and held open for display.

Comfy Chair Easel Card





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