Paper Bow Layers in 3D – svg file tutorial

 Add your own paper bows to any paper crafting project using your choice of papers and colors that work best for your design. This new style of bow has 2 layers for added pizzazz.

Svg File: Paper Bow Layers in 3D



Easy Assembly Tutorial…

The bows back layer is done first. Add a dot of glue to the center of the piece. Then gently curve one end over to the middle and attach. Let dry.  Tip: I find it helpful to gently curve the arches in the bow by wrapping it around the side of a pencil.


Now add another dot of glue and fold the other side over and attach to the middle.


Glue the 3D bow layers for the tie and knot. On the tie I just glue the tops together leaving the ends loose along the bottoms adding dimension. Now add the bow second layer by placing a dot of glue to the center of the back as shown (above right) and attaching the it just on that one spot.
Flip the bow over and again apply a dot of glue in the center as shown. Fold one end of the top bow layer over and attach.


Repeat for other side of bow placing a dot of glue again to the center, folding over the other end and adhere. Next attach the bow ties to the back of bow. 
To attach the knot glue one end to the back of bow, gently wrap it around the middle and glue the other end to back.


Svg File: Paper Bow Layers in 3D

The bows come with two options for the ties. One is the traditional straight ends and the second has the ties hanging down. Both are assembled in the same way.  

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