My Scrap Chick Belly Box Tutorial

Meet our newest addition to the Belly Box lineup, My Scrap Chick. 



T U T O R I A L  for Belly Boxes….


Cut out all your pattern pieces. Pre-fold all the score lines for the box back and box front.  The box back will be a valley fold, the box front will be all mountain folds.

Now is a good time to ink the edges if you plan to. After inking I find it easiest to add all the parts and pieces to front and back sections of the box before putting them together. This allows me to work with the sections laying flat on my surface,


Once the front and back are decorated with the parts, flip the box front (belly) over as shown. The decorated side of the box will be face down. Add glue to the inside box bottom then attach the front flap of box back.



Now your box should be one piece as shown above and you are ready to glue the side tabs. This is a good time to re-crease all the folds and tabs before glueing.

Flip the entire box over as shown and add glue to the side tabs


Fold up the sides and the belly front and adhere tabs to box front. Then do the same with the tabs for back of box.

And now your box is ready to fill with goodies.


Now keep in mind, we just love the pink and black but this cute chick would be cute in any color you like. It’s fun too, to mix things up with printed papers. Whatever you choose, have fun!!

My Scrap Chick Belly Box is available here.



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