Pretty Tote Bags and Paper Tassels

Mike from our design team made up some Trendy Tote Bags to give as birthday gifts this month. He added his own beautiful touch with paper tassels strung on the tote’s handles.

 I loved this classy touch he added to these so I made a cutting file for the Pretty Paper Tassels.  Be sure to visit Mike @ DeZinesbyEM for a lot more info plus really helpful tips on shading with ink cubes and a “special” handy blending tool.


“Photo Tutorial for Pretty Paper Tassels”

After cutting out the parts for the tassel cut a small strip of twine or cord and glue the ends to beginning of the tassel cutout.
Begin rolling the tassel tightly around the cord. When you get to the end of rolling the strip use a small bit of glue to hold it closed. With your fingers you can gently fluff out the tassel ends to give them a bit of a curve.

Glue one end of the top decorative strip to the tassel and wrap it around tightly letting it overlap onto itself.

Finish wrapping it around and glue the other end down. You can also use washi tape or ribbons in place of this strip.

When all glue is set and completely dried you can use the Paper Tassel as embellishment on various craft projects, like adding it to a paper purse or totebag like Mike did. These would be great to have for graduation projects too using school colors.

Pretty Paper Tassels

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