Honeycomb Card Bundle of 6, Bumble Bees and Bee Greetings

If you love big bumble bees and honeycomb designs you’ll love the new Honeycomb Card Bundle.

When I designed the first honeycomb pattern for these cards I kept playing around with different layouts. I couldn’t make up my mind and pick just one. So I kept them all (or at least these 6) and tucked them all into one big bundle.

And where there’s a little honeycomb you’re bound to find some big ol’ Bumble Bees. So I took the bees from the Sunflower Set and gave them the spotlight in their very own Bumble Bee file.

These 2 Bumble Bees can be easily resized to fit whatever project you’re working on.

They look great on the front of the Honeycomb Cards.

The honeycomb cards include some spaces to use your rubber stamps and handwritten words -OR- you can grab this Freebie below and they’ll fit perfectly with the cards message tags. This is a pdf so just print right from your home printer onto white cardstock, cut and adhere to the card fronts.

Bee Greetings PDF

Bumble Bees

Honeycomb Card Bundle



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