Flutterby Paper Piecing & Mixed Media

Carmen Lucero is an artist who creates beautiful mixed media artwork on canvas. She is also a cancer survivor and created this special canvas for her Oncology department. She was so kind to share the photo with us and I have enjoyed gazing at it, discovering new things each time I open it to look. We knew we just had to share this with our readers.

There’s a lot to explore in this piece of art. Carmen said, “I painted the background with acrylics . It’s a forest scene with mountains and a road in the foreground. I then used several different kinds of media to finish it up; more acrylic paint, stamps, rub-ons and different textures.” The little girl in the front is is actual paper piecing ofFlutterby, a recent Tiddly Inks pattern at MyScrapChick. There’s many positive words here and there and one message reads… Happiness is like a butterfly, when you go after it it goes away… but when you stand still… it comes to you. Carmen displays her art in a local cafe and this particular canvas has already sold. Easy to understand why. She says she’s working on more, particularly one she’s already titled Hope. And we Hope we get a glimpse of her future art. Beautiful! Thank you Carmen.  



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