Edgar Allan Poe Village

Hi, you’re crafting withSarahtoday!

It was recently Edgar Allan Poe appreciation day, and since I love anything macabre and Halloween I just had to make something to mark the occasion.

I found this candle stand and glass holder at my local Spotlight store.  I inverted the glass to make a cloche.  Inside it created a small village by using aMy Scrap Chick Village Cardtemplate.

I cut the houses out with my exacto knife and then created a circle with the cutout.  Behind the village is a cardstock tube that has tiny lights on a copper wire.

Wrapped around the central tube are Edgar Allan Poe quotes, acetate bats ands books that I created using acetate pages.  You can see the tiny lights in the tube at the top of the photo.

The bottom of the stand has stamping, a bow and tag.

The top of the cloche has autumn leaves, skulls, a ghost and a glittery candelabra.

So there you have it, another way to use theVillage Cardtemplate to decorate your home.



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