Breaking News “Santa has been Framed!!”

We were just getting things ready at MyScrapChick for our Christmas in July event when we heard the news that Santa has been framed! Here’s what we know so far….

It’s true!!! Alma from our design team is the one who framed this jolly old elf.  She used the Santa from the Santa Claus 5 Piece Set and enlarged him to fit her beautiful square frame.  Alma’s creative work can found at My Cricut Side

If you loved Santa being framed you will really love how Nicole captured his mugshot on her Christmas gift bags…

And apparently Santa was not alone. He came along with some his most trusted friends, Frosty and Penguin.

Find the whole lineup of their mugshots and other winter faces HERE.

Nicole from the Design Team has the full line of gift bags on her blog at TeachDanz.blogspot.

She shares her great tips for making all 3.

We’ll be sharing more projects from the Design Team this week during ourChristmas in July event so hope you stay tuned.Sign up for our newsletter for more creative inspiration, sale news and of course our monthly Freebie.



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