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Signing into the new member/customer area.

On June 12 we launched a new site design that includes a customer account area.

Newsletter subscribers, customers and Freebie Friday fans all need to create a new customer account after that date to make purchases and access the downloads for their files.

Creating a customer account is also required for downloading the Freebie Friday patterns but no purchase is necessary and you will not be asked to enter credit card information unless your are buying other patterns.

Login Issues

When trying to sign-in you get the "Error: login not recognized"

This usually means that you have not created an account yet. Please look further down on that page and complete the section "New Customers: complete details below." 

I created a new account but get "Error: login not recognized" when I try to sign in again.

Try these  quick checks first... The user name and password are case-sensitive, make sure your Caps Lock is off. If using a number pad on the left of the keyboard, be sure the "Num Lock" key is on. If you still experience difficulty you can have your password resent by clicking on the "Recover Password" link under the log in button. You will then be asked to enter the email address used to create your account and your info will be sent there.

    General Questions

Downloading Patterns

Shopping Cart Questions & Issues

Newsletter & Freebie Friday Questions


General Questions

  • Do I need a special software program or cutting machine to use your patterns?

No, special software is not needed. Although we include files for use with most of today's popular cutting machines, these patterns can also be printed and traced onto cardstock and then hand cut with scissors.

For Handcutting: Each pattern file comes with a printable PDF which opens with Adobe Reader. This format makes it easy to transfer the pattern pieces onto cardstock and hand cut with your favorite scissors.  Adobe Reader is already installed on most computers or you can download it for free by clicking here.

For Cutting Machines: Your cutting machine typically comes with the software required to open or import one of these file types:
This makes it possible to cut using the following machines: Wishblade, Sillouette, Klic N Kut, Craft Robo, Pazzles Cricut (with SCAL2.0 or Make The Cut) and more. Please note that only older version of SCAL and Make The Cut will work with the Cricut. If you do not already own the correct version you will not be able to obtain it in which case we highly recommend purchasing any other cutting machine, not Cricut.

  • What is a dxf, svg, knk, pdf, pdf cut, eps, wpc file?

These are the file name extensions for the formats we include with every pattern. A file extension is usually three to four letters set apart from the rest of the file name by a period. These file extensions will be seen like this  "filename.svg"     The file extension tells the computer which computer program to use to open the file.


Downloading Patterns

  • How do I download a pattern from your site?

All of the patterns will have cart buttons. When you click the cart button, that pattern is added to your shopping cart. When you are done shopping you can click the "view cart" button and complete your checkout.

When your payment is complete, your purchase will be available in your membership area. You can download the files from there at any time. You will be able to see all of your previous purchases.

  • Where on my computer, should I save the files?

We recommend creating a special folder in "my documents" named "MSC" or "myscrapchick" to make it easy to locate your purchased files as well as the Freebie Fridays. But ultimately you should choose the location that works best for you.

  • Is there a limit set for how many times I can download a pattern?

No, you can download your patterns at any time by signing into your customer account area.

  • Will I get a CD in the mail?

No. All purchases on this website are for downloads only. We do not sell or ship CDs.

  • Why can't I open a file?

The most common reason for not being able to open a file is that it has not been UNZIPPED. The pattern downloads come as a ZIP file and need to be "UNzipped" or "extracted" in order to use them. To do this in Windows XP, right click on the zipped folder and select "Extract all..." and follow the instructions in the windows. (Extract & Unzip mean the same thing.)

  • What do you mean by "un-zip" or "extract" the files?

See answer above, "Why can't I open a file?"

  • How do I un-zip a file?

All the files from come in .zip files. This makes it possible for us to include all the different file types in one download and also takes much less time for you when downloading. You will need to UNZIP the files before using them.

To do this in Windows XP, right click on the zipped folder and select "Extract all..." and follow the instructions in the windows. (Extract & Unzip mean the same thing.)

For other computers you will need to use an Unzip utility such as Winzip or FilZip.

Can I back up my pattern files on a CD?

You can back up your files on CD or USB drives for your own personal use. In fact, we recommend it. Please note, however, that files cannot be redistributed and shared with others.

  • My computer crashed, can I get replacement files?

With the new customer account area, you will find it quick and convenient to download your files again if you experience a computer crash or when moving to a new computer.  Simply sign-in, navigate to the tab with your past purchases and download again.


Shopping Cart Questions and Issues

  • What form of payments do you accept?

We use PayPal to process Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and e-check payments.  PayPal membership is not required to use this payment method. It is actually one of the safest methods for paying online as your credit card information is not shared with sellers.

  • Why do I have to provide a shipping address when you are not mailing me anything?

It's a security measure required by PayPal and also required by Washington State. We have to charge sales tax on Washington residents. If you don't supply your mailing address you will automatically be charged this tax.  We do not share your mailing address or other personal information with anyone else.


Newsletter & Freebie Friday Questions

  • How do I sign up for your newsletter?

You can sign up by going to the Freebie Friday page.

  • I signed up for the newsletter. When will I get my first Freebie Friday pattern?

The newsletter goes out only on Fridays so you will get your first newsletter the following Friday.

  • I am not getting the newsletter and I signed up, what happened?

1. Check your spam folder.
2. Add to your address book or safe list.
3. Try signing up again. Sometimes people enter an incorrect email address the first time.

4. Sometimes internet service providers block our newsletters. So if you don't find it in your spam folder please send us an email and we'll check into it for you.

  • I missed last Friday's freebie, can you send it to me?

We're The free file is only available for one week. After that they will be available for purchase on the site.


Do you have a question that you didn't find the answer to here?
If you didn't find an answer to your question above you can email our help desk at

Include a few words in the subject line of the email describing what you have questions about, such as "checkout" or "downloading files" etc.  Also include your name, and other relevant information such as files types you are using, software, date of purchase & product.

Please allow 24 hours for a response Monday thru Friday.
Help desk is closed Saturday & Sunday.